Important ! Read.

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Important ! Read.

Post by ownstar on Tue Aug 25, 2009 7:48 pm

~We will be hosting face-offs for the captain spot of the clan

~If you want to be a captain in this clan you have to notify one of the members

~Then you will be facing off 1v1 with one of the captains to take his spot

~Leaders will choose which one you face

~If one of the 7b players is capable beating the captain and is promoted to new captain, you may NOT challenge the new captain for at least 2 weeks. (Minimum)

~One main requirement is taht you must be 7ß member for at least 1 week.

(New rule added by: skare)

~niNe can only play on weekends.
(New rule added by: niNe)


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