7ß² Unit.

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7ß² Unit.

Post by d7[Røse` on Sat Sep 05, 2009 3:45 pm

Sup, well the leaders of 7ß have thought about updating the Clan. So pretty much everyone is kicked except Nine, Ekam, Kar, Skate, Me, Kuddi, Superman. That's about it. We will have updated and official roster soon up. Well this unit is 7ß² just a bit of change in the tag. So don't ask why we have 2 at the end of the tag. If you are not sure you are in 7ß², please contact me at my new xfire: xh0sa. If you are former 7ß member but was not chosen to be in the new updated clan. You may have a tryout. We would like to Thank all the former 7ß members who have been loyal to this clan in the past experiences.

7ß² FTW!!


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