7ß Official Clan & Server Rules

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7ß Official Clan & Server Rules

Post by d7[Røse` on Wed Aug 19, 2009 10:49 pm


1. Only Leader(s) of 7ß May recruit or tryout a player. Unless the leader has given a clan member permission to tryout a player.. (Please Contact Nova, Skare, or Superman...if you would like to tryout or fill out a application for tryout in the "Clan Tryout" section.)
2. Please respect your clan members..and yes this clan really jokes around alot so don't take anything seriously.
3. If you another person from another clan to come here and complain of something please contact the admins first by via pm. If we do not answer back, feel free to post a topic in on the the sections that is necessary.
4. Clan hopping is strictly prohibitive in 7ß, if found you are CH'ing you will be given one waring only. after that you will be kicked from 7ß.
5. Hacking/Botting is strictly prohibitive in 7ß, no question asked you will be kicked from 7ß instantly.


1. You will get kicked if you have ping over 400+.
2. If you return after being kicked you will be banned.
3. You will be banned for glitching or botting.
4. You will be banned 24 hrs. after betraying your teammates 6 times.
5. You will be kicked for Hog killing.
6. You will be never awarded shit for winning except yourself getting all proud about you having no life sitting in your moms basement and playing halo and jacking off the same time. And your 25+ of age. That fuckin sad. (Only refers to people who are 25+)
7. You will be kicked from server for being AFK more than 10 minutes.

If you have any other ideas or rules for this topic plz via pm me. (i love saying via)


Some ideas were taking from acid which were only server rules. but i thought most of it up and made it into complete sentences unlike acid did.

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